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Dean learned early on in life that the one constant in life is change and uncertainty.  But the solution was to keep learning, keep growing and keep moving forward, to continue to develop new and better mindsets & skillsets.

After serving in the Police & Military Services early in his career, Dean quickly adapted his leadership abilities to guiding sales and service teams throughout a diverse range of industries including Retail, Hospitality, Construction and Manufacturing.

During all this time he still heard the same message yet amplified from different mentors. They said, there will be more change in the next few years than the last 200 years and it's so true, the sweep and velocity of change is indeed relentless as it is unprecedented.

Dean's extensive life experiences have reminded him that the most valuable job skill, the essential life skill you can have in today's world of ubiquitous change is knowing how to change.  This will be the Number 1 ability that positions you to perform effectively & thrive. 


These days, as a certified Pritchett you2 Master Coach, his professional focus, passion & efforts is assisting individuals, groups and companies not only recognise and deal with change but who like him, also want to be more, do more and to really experience more of the potential that a great life or a business offer, for the truth is we are all hard-wired for such adventure. 


Yet we all so very easily get stuck or stall out…to give in or give up, particularly in the face of such change and uncertainty.  The great news it doesn’t have to be like that.  We are all born creative.  And this is where Dean comes in, because he knows you have the capacity for a breakthrough and he knows how to assist you.

Dean passionately believes we are all hard-wired for growth and he is additionally hard-wired to really help others achieve what they are truly capable of achieving, their ambitions, their dreams.  But this has taken more than just a native impulse for him to do this – Over a few decades and after a broad range of extensive and intensive educational & occupational experiences he has learned how to align the elements of his own life to the outcomes, the desired results that really matter to him so he can really assist others like you.

Essentially, it’s Dean's nature to keep it simple, to cut to the chase, and it is the elegant simplicity of the you² Quantum Leap Strategy that perfectly matches who he is, how he operates and how he can assist you to apply a remarkable set of unconventional attitudes and behaviours that will bring you a personal breakthrough experience.

The reality is that these are the hours & days when you have great freedom to shape your future and your most significant defining moments occur during the most uncertain times.  So if you’re stuck, or need to move to the Next Level or you see the signs of a remarkable opportunity you could seize, then let Dean show you how the unique you² principles and system, that enabled him to do this, to powerfully guide you on your journey of self-discovery through your own Quantum Leap to the personal and professional success you desire.

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