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Peter Harrison commenced training and coaching immediately after university in 1986. He was fascinated and inspired by the possibilities of human potential and the utility of principles & causes that drive individual and organisational effectiveness and excellence. 

Simultaneously he was personally aware of the power of our past conditioning and programming, our paradigms that can inhibit and deprive us of our brighter futures.

Inspired by the awareness that we all seek to excite the deepest instincts of our nature; the pulsing urge for purpose, meaning and increase, to grow, contribute and enjoy life’s richness and opportunities, he has earnestly endeavoured to understand and apply these principles and to guide others to shape a brighter future with breakthrough strategies that create lasting change.

For almost 4 decades Peter has been working with major corporations, SME’s, teams and individuals; in many industries and enterprises, from Banking to Manufacturing and from Logistics to Construction, so they may recognise, develop & release their potential and experience meaningful personal & organisational outcomes.

Working in senior leadership roles he has a well-deserved reputation as a business leader & coach with an astute, strategic & contextual structural orientation towards focus and execution.

He flexibly approaches coaching with a perceptively counterintuitive and creatively optimistic, systemic mindset, aligned with the synergistic energies of neuro-logical congruence & the sensitivity of interpersonal & organisational ecological dynamics.

In conjunction with leading-edge coaching programs, models & frameworks: principles, structures, systems and processes, he blends his extensive education & experience to; resource, elicit and empower clients with the requisite self-efficacy to implement effective generative quantum change initiatives, that deliver remarkable performance improvements - greater success in their lives and their enterprises.

Undoubtedly the most contributive factor of his increasing efficacy as a coach, trainer, speaker is his ongoing passionate commitment and insatiable hunger to invest in continuously improving his understanding and skillset and to deliver increasing value to his clients.

A certified Pritchett you2 Master Coach, Peter is also trained, certified and coached by many world renown authorities in coaching, business & organisational development and is constantly exploring the cutting-edge insights and methodologies of cognitive modalities in the merging interdisciplinary synthesis of Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Psychology and Management, Leadership, Growth & Development, Organisational Dynamics: Change Management and Corporate Cultural. 

If you, like him want to learn how to raise the trajectory of your life, your results and start shaping a brighter future today, contact Peter.  He has the structure, the guidelines, the skill, the passion & the personality to assist you launch Your Quantum Leap Strategy.

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